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Board of Directors

For ensuring the development and enhancement of the promising Palestine tourism sector, and on the premise of our satisfaction to stabilize the Palestinian citizen on his homeland, and or the purpose of supporting our national economy, the board of directors of Caesar hotel is proud of establishing this hotel which is considered an honor with regards to establishing the Palestinian tourism and has tangibly contributed, in several fields during the last period, to promoting the Palestinian tourism. Furthermore, Caesar Hotel BOD’s belief in creating the operative and productive projects is the only way for upgrading a solid national economy; as the success of this hotel, which has been achieved since its established, has largely depended on its guests and employees; give that Caesar Hotel strives for applying all the hotel international standards in order to achieve the sustainable development of the tourism sector.


We, the Board of Directors, appreciate all the efforts which have contributed to the success of this institution; particularly those made by our dear guests and honorable employees whose roles, efforts and absolute belief in this institution are considered the key of its success.

We promise to be always desirous to provide the best services for our valued guests through the efforts of Caesar Hotel Management and Staff. We will always strive for promoting and enhancing the economy of our beloved country.


Chairman, Caesar Hotel

Jamal Nimer